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Gas powered grass edger
Gas powered edger on the right

Grass Edgers

Gas or Electric Grass Edgers, Which is Best?

You have a choice of electric or gas powered grass edgers.

Gas powered edgers will give you more flexibility, you don't have that cord to flip around the yard, but they are usually heavier than electric models and more expensive.

Electric edgers are light weight and quieter than gas models, but you do have the electric cord to contend with. If your yard is small, maybe the electric model is just right for you.

Why Should You Use a Grass Edger?

Edgers can cut deep into the grass and soil along sidewalks, giving the lawn a straight, clean, verticle edge.

Although, in all our years of maintaining lawns, we never used an edger. We found that the same effect could be attained by holding the string trimmer at a verticle angle. This takes a bit of practice to get a straight edge, but it is possible and you don't need two machines, only a trimmer.

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