What To Plant Now

SeedsThe days are getting a bit warmer and the stores are stocking up on gardening items. Right now would be a great time to buy bagged fruit trees, grape vines and berry plants. The prices are usually lower for bagged plants and trees compared to potted ones. Stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s have some really nice dormant plants in now.

This would also be a good time to think about planting tomato seeds. If you want to save some money and plant the tomato varieties that you want this is definitely the way to go. What I like to do is use those Jiffy peat pellets, they come in their own “greenhouse tray” and are easy to work with, come springtime, you just plant the whole pellet. Remember to keep your new tomato plants either under a grow light or in a very sunny window.Peat Pellets

Several of the tomato varieties seem to take forever to produce tomatoes, then when they are finally full of green tomatoes the first frost hits and they are wiped out. The best medium-sized variety we have found, that produces on a regular basis, is “Early Girl.” Also, for the best selection of any type of seeds, don’t wait till spring, buy your seeds now.

See more on Gardening in the Desert Southwest.

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How to Kill Wasps and Hornets

Spraying Wasps and Hornets

OK, this is what I have done in the past, cover yourself from head to toe, that means wear a hat, gloves, thick padded pants, a coat and get a mosquito net to cover your face. You can buy them in the sporting goods section of most department stores. Get fully covered, then go out early in the morning with your spray and just stand there maybe 10 or so feet from the nest, so you get em real good.
You don’t have to run, because if you covered yourself well, you are not giving off any heat and the wasps can’t detect you. I did this before and I sprayed most of them but the ones that I missed just flew right by me. All I can say is you must cover yourself from head-to-toe with thick padded materials.

Wasp and Hornet Sting Remedy

If you ever get stung by a wasp or hornet, this actually works and it works very quickly. Put some straight Clorox bleach on the sting area, instant pain relief, absolutely amazing!
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Chupacabra Desert Race in Gallup, NM 2012

The second annual Chupacabra Motocross and Desert Race was held in Gallup, NM on July 21 and 22, 2012.

Chupacabra Desert Race, 2012 - Gallup, NM

Dirt bike riders from all over converged on the small city of Gallup to compete in the race or to simply watch.

The Parade – Like a herd of turtles!






Most people arrived early, either Friday or Saturday, so they could get a good camping spot and attend the Saturday morning parade.

Saturday Morning – Parade Time

Everybody lined up behind two Sheriff vehicles at the park gate, bikes, quads and even a few trucks. The local Gallup Sheriff’s Dept. escorted the pack on a two hour trek beginning at the park gate, through the city streets of Gallup and back to the park.

Then came the Desert Pre-Ride, Mini Races and a Motocross race. All were really fun to watch, especially the obstacle course.

No problem for a Quad!

For the quads it was a piece of cake. Four wheels just fly¬†right over those tires like they weren’t even there, but for the two-wheelers, well for some it was a different story…..

Uh oh, slow death!




What a guy!






There was a Good Samaritan in the bunch, number 805, he was nice enough to stop and help several bikers out. What a sweetie! Then he hopped back on to finish the race.

Nice butt dude!







Let’s get ready to rumble!





OK, now it is Sunday morning and the starting line-up is packed. All classes were in this race together, that meant quads were mixed with bikes and amatures were racing along side the experts. Each grouping was given a head start, before the second class took off.

Vroooomm! Vroooom! and they were off. When the experts hit the big hill the jumping was impressive.

Are these guys fitted with springs?



Number 45 was literally flying!

Flying high!











Then came the quads, those guys can really move too! What a race and wow, what a dust bowl!

Dusty, dusty, dusty!








Bet you didn’t think I could jump!









The race started at the Motocross track then it was off to some deep ditches to maneuver through, hills to climb and tons of curvy paths.

The canyon maneuver!








Number 1 was the leader of the pack, he came barreling out of the big ditch way ahead of the rest.

I am in first place!










Girls in the race? Yep, here’s Skye Allen passing guys left and right!

You go girl!!!!!!








Hey Dude, not so close!










There were a few times when racers got a bit too close for comfort, and I heard that there was a pile-up in the back area, but overall I don’t think anybody was seriously hurt.


This father and son duo take a break from the hot desert sun to pose for a few pics. Thanks guys!

Hey, don’t laugh, you’re just jealous!










Too much dust and noise for me!


Hey guys, thanks for reading my blog, if you want to see more pics, just click on the images below. I have tons more pics and videos and I will try to get them on as soon as possible.

Please check out the motocross stuff at the bottom of the page, the prices are really great. Like if you need gloves, click on the gloves picture and you can see those gloves but you can see other choices too.








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