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  Ash Tree
Ash tree
Ash Trees

There are several different varities of Ash trees grown here in the desert Southwest. Raywood, Arizona, Bonita and Modesto are just a few that we recommend.

Ash trees have relatively few insect problems, however there is a tiny eriophyid mite that attacts ash flowers, the Eriophyes fraxinivorus mite. It feeds on the male ash flowers, causing clusters of Ash flower galls.

These galls do not harm the tree, so treatment is not necessary. Healthy trees, not stressed by lack of water, are not as prone to infestation.

Case in point, there is a line of four Ash trees, same variety, the seed crop on three of them is huge and the trees are green and healthy with no flower galls.

However, the tree on the end of the line is yellowish, has some dieback in the center and is completely engulfed with galls, not a healthy seed can be found. The last tree didn't receive the same amount of water as the others. Stress causes multiple problems

Leaves tend to scorch on some varieties in the summer heat, especially with the "Modesto" and "Arizona", so when the weather is really hot, give them a little more water.

Ash trees grow to about 30-40 feet high and require full sun.

Seed litter can be an issue with some varities, although "Raywood" is seedless.

Ash trees are moderate water users and do well as street trees and in gardens requiring a medium sized tree.

Overall, Ash trees are a good shade tree choice for the Southwestern landscape.