What Is The Best Weed Eater, String Trimmer or Weed Wacker?

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Electric String Trimmers vs Gas Powered String Trimmers

When I started my lawn care business, my first string trimmer or weedwacker was an electric Weedeater brand, with a curved shaft. I used a 100 foot cord and flipped it all over the yard, over bushes and plants and eventually got the lawns trimmed. The curved shaft meant lots of bending over and of course the electric cord was not fun at all. For a homeowner with a small yard, these two handicaps probably wouldn’t be such an issue.

After making enough money to warrant purchasing a gas powered string trimmer, I chose a handlebar style, straight shaft, Homelite, it was a great machine, had tons of power and although a bit heavy, I really liked it and so did my employees. Great machine, lasted several years.

After the Homelite, we bought two Echos, gas powered, straight shaft string trimmers, they were really pretty light, compared to the Homelite. Over the years, we pretty much stuck to the Echo brand in not only string trimmers, but also with our back-pack and hand-held blowers. The Echo is a good brand and it holds up fairly well, but we found that with heavy use they would only last a year or two before needing a ring job. The gas oil mix was always a bit rich, so that wasn’t a factor. I really think we just used them up, too many hours.

Had always heard about the quality of Stihl products and my Dad has always had Stihl chain-saws, so we purchased a Stihl string trimmer. The Stihl has been excellent, a bit heavier than the Echo, but in my opinion a heartier, more heavy-duty machine, and it has been running well for several years now. We also have a Stihl hand-held blower, Stihl hedger and a Stihl chain-saw, they also have been wonderful machines. I would say that the Stihl brand is definitely the best string trimmer by far.

What To Do When Your Trimmer Stops working or won’t start

Quick & Easy Trimmer and Blower Repair

What string/line to use?

We really like the multi edge cutting line, it cuts cleaner and lasts longer than the regular round line. A few different brands of line are listed below, click on the image if you would like to check them out.

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