Watering Your Turf

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As we go into the next few months, we can expect to use more water in order to keep our lawns looking great. The problem most people in the United States of America have is that they over-water their lawns. Most turfs in the United States will not drink over 1 ½ inch of water per week, this means anything over the 1 ½ inch of water goes to waste.

So how do you know when you have given your lawn the right amount of water? Well I’m glad you asked. First of all you do not need to run out and buy a rain gauge. Here is a simple way to get the right amount of water on your lawn. If you have a tuna fish can, or a cat food can (5 ounce) and a permanent marker then you have what you need.

Take the tuna fish can and mark a ½ inch on the side, once you have done that, take the tuna fish can outside and place it on your lawn. Make sure that you are prepared to get a little wet. Look at your watch now and mark the time down. Now turn on your sprinklers, keep an eye on the water in the can and once it reaches the mark you made, look at your time now.

How long did it take to reach the mark? Let’s say it took 10 minutes to fill the can, to its mark, then you will want to water three times a week for 10 minutes, giving you 1 ½ inches of water for the week.  Remember to do this on all your irrigation zones, because each zone will put out different amounts of water.

Conserving water is something we all need to do, not only does it not waste water, but it also keeps some money in your pocket.

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