La Llorona Park – Las Cruces, NM

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La Llorona Park

La Llorona Park

La Llorona Park is a wonderful place to spend a lazy, sunny Las Cruces day. Located along the Eastern bank of the Rio Grande river at the Picacho Avenue bridge.

The park is well laid out with nice concrete walkways, large Cottonwood trees and plenty of seating areas. On a hot summer’s day, families can be found bar-be-cueing, fishing and relaxing while children play in the playground.

“La Llorona” is Spanish for “The Crying Lady”
Legend has it that a woman was so crazy in love with a man that she killed her children by drowning them in the river, just so she could be with him. He later rejected her and she is said to haunt the area; crying and wandering up and down the river bank looking for them. Only a legend, but still quite a good story when told to children to keep them from straying too close to the river and dangerous irrigation banks!

La Llorona Park, playground area

La Llorona Park, playground area

Beautiful park, well kept up and clean. Get the family together, grab your fishing pole, some worms, a picnic lunch and go enjoy the land of enchantment.

On a nice sunny day, I would advise going early, so you can get a good spot, as the park does fill up fast. If the park is too full you can always head further North along the river bank and find your own private hideaway!

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