Blower Repair and String Trimmer Repair

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What To Do When Your String Trimmer or Blower Will Not Start

Should you take your string trimmer, weedeater or blower to the local repair shop? No, you can repair them yourself and it’s really very easy. If you have a new string trimmer that doesn’t seem to have the power it used to when you bought it or if it has refused to run or even start, you can try to fix it yourself. Read on and I will give you simple instructions to save you some money!

There is a small metal screen in or before the exhaust manifold that clogs with carbon. All you need to do is remove the exhaust manifold, usually two long bolts, and clean the screen, what I would do was to throw it away, no more clogging. Put it back together, now try starting it, I bet it runs like brand new and you just saved $70.00! Quick and Easy!

I am not sure if the equipment repair centers replace the screen or also throw it away, if they replace it, that sure would be easy money, when it clogs again after a few more uses. Some states, like California, probably require the screen to be on there, it is a spark arrestor screen, so check with your local repair shop prior to tossing it.

Another money saving tip, let’s say your weedeater or blower is a bit older and you know the screen is not clogged, but it still has no power. Remove the exhaust manifold and look into the exhaust port, you should see, or barely see, the piston. If you slowly pull on the start cord, you should see the piston go up and down. Pull the cord and make the piston go completely up into the cylinder, you should not be able to see the ring, only the side of the piston. Now comes the delicate part, you will need a small flat sharp object, I use a flat blade screwdriver, and carefully chip away at the carbon build-up in the port, being very careful not to scratch the piston, that would be very bad.

You are opening up the port, so the exhaust can flow freely. Using carburetor cleaner will help to loosen the carbon and then spray away the debris until the port is open and clean. I can’t stress enough, not to scratch the piston, chip the carbon build-up away CAREFULLY. Re-attach the exhaust manifold and WOW, it runs like new and you probably saved even more money this time!

While you are at it, you might as well remove the spark plug and clean it as well.

These simple fixes are very easy to do and not only work on your weedeater and blower, but most small engines.

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